modi: Attack on Cong, SP? Modi asks people to shun parties indulging in dynasty politics | India News

NEW DELHI: In a sharp attack at political rivals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that it was important to keep parties that indulge in dynasty politics in check so that ordinary people from villages can also rise to top positions.
Addressing a gathering in Paraunkh, the native village of President Ram Nath Kovind in UP’s Kanpur district, Modi pointed out that Kovind, Governor Anandiben Patel, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath and he himself hailed from villages or small towns and belonged to ordinary fanilies.
“All the four of us come from a small village or town to reach these positions. My birth took place in small town of Gujarat….In India, the poorest of poor born in a village can become a chief minister, governor, prime minister or president,” said the prime minister.
He, however, hit out at political rivals saying that those playing dynastic politics blocked the path of ordinary people in politics.
“It is only parivarvaad (nepotism) that crushes talent and stop people from marching forward. When I speak about dynasty politics, some people think I am speaking about some political parties. The people who actually practicing dynasty politics are actually angry with me and coming together across the country,” said the prime minister.
These people are worried why the youth is turning against dynasty politics, he added.
“I would like to request these people not to misunderstand me. I have no quarrel with any political party or person. I want there should be a strong opposition and parties devoted to democracy. I want parties mired in dynasty politics to cure themselves so that democracy becomes stronger and the youth can enter politics. Alas, it seems I am expecting too much from dynastic politics,” said the prime minister.
The BJP has often accused parties like the Congress, Samajwadi Party (SP) and several other regional outfits of indulging in dynasty politics.
To ensure that people, even from villages, can rise to the top, it is important that these dynastic parties are kept in check, the prime minister said.
In his speech, the prime minister also listed out the development work being carried out by his government.
Today the Indian villages are being connected with roads and optical fibre in the fastest possible manner, he said. Did anyone ever imagine that drones would be used in agriculture? Modi added that the aim of his government was to provide services to people without discrimination as envisioned by Babasaheb Ambedkar.
Modi said that he had learnt that President Kovind when he was in class V had to go to a school a few miles away. Modi said Kovind would run the distance barefeet even in scorching heat. Modi also paid tributes to Kovind’s father saying he was a man of vision.
Modi also thanked Kovind who had come to receive him. The prime minister said that the government functions under the president’s guidance and the protocols did not require the president to come and receive him.
I complained to the president that this was not fair, Modi said. President Kovind, however, told him that the prime minister was a guest in the village and he had come as a son of the same village, Modi added. The power of traditions is a part of all village fold, the prime minister said as he hailed President Kovind.

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